What is a Hallmark?

Importance of a Hallmark

We Hallmark our jewellery as a sign of transparency. We aim to provide the most honest and quality jewellery. The Hallmark tells you the exact purity of your preciuous metal to assure you its not some Stainless Steel RUBBISH

A Hallmark is a marking made onto precious metals to tell us the purity of the metal inside that piece of jewellery. Having a Hallmark tells us that the jewellery has been independently tested by a third party to guaranty that the jewellery holds the appropriate fineness of metal. The Hallmark also tells us where and when it was assessed as well as who manufactured that particular piece of jewellery. A hallmark is made up of a few symbols:

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Sponsor's Mark

The sponsors mark, also known as makers mark is a number of
that would help you identify which company manufactured this piece of
jewellery. Hallmark London’s makers mark for instance is HML.

Millesimal Fineness Mark

This is a compulsory mark which tells us the purity of
precious metal within that piece of Jewellery.

For instance 925 is the mark for
Sterling Silver, this tells us the jewellery contains 92.5% of pure silver. 18
karat gold on the other hand is hallmarked 750 which tells us that piece of
jewellery holds 75% of pure gold. The shape of the surrounding shield also
indicates metal type. 

Assay Office Mark

The assay office is the place in which articles are
hallmarked. Hallmark London jewellery is hallmarked in the London Assay office.
The London Assay office mark is a leopards head. However if we were to hallmark
in Birmingham the assay mark would be an anchor.

Date Letter Mark

This is a letter with varying boarders which tells us what
year the piece was hallmarked. This mark is not compulsory however. The letter,
font and border will change dependant on the year.


Feature Hallmarks

Hallmarks are typically placed in a place on jewellery where
it is not visible, on the inside of the ring for example. However the assay
office also stamps hallmarks in special locations and these are called feature

Here at Hallmark London we love feature marks, as we want
you and others to know exactly what you are purchasing. In a world where
overpriced stainless steel jewellery is everywhere, we feel the need to bring
back precious metals and let you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Feature Hallmark

We love feature Hallmarks as we see it as the most transparent and clear way for you and others to know the purity of your jewellery,